Finally got my Limited Edition CD/DVD of Asylum and Decade of Disturbed in the mail on Saturday and I’ve watched the documentary a few times, and I have to say I like it! I recommend Decade of Disturbed to anyone who is a new fan of the band or who isn’t a fan at all. I think everyone would appreciate how hard these guys worked to get where they are.

If you have a MySpace account, It’s being shown there. Click here to watch. It’s about an hour and a half in length.

This morning, I gave my standard copy of Asylum to Marc, who then asked me,

“Did you win this on The Katt (local radio station), because they were giving them away on the day it was released.”

“No, I bought it at Target for ten bucks on the day it was released,” I told him. “I’ve never been lucky enough to win anything on the radio!”



I’m getting so wound up over this trip to Tulsa to see the Uproar festival! I can’t believe it’s on Wednesday! I pick up the rental car at 9am and will probably get going shortly after that. I want to give myself plenty of time to get there in case I get lost. Even though the rental car has a GPS unit in it, I’ll probably still manage to get lost at least once.

I’ve asked Jeff to spend the night in my apartment on Wednesday, and I gave him the spare key this morning. It’s not that I don’t trust that my apartment and its contents will be safe, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.


I’m so tired. Ever since Chaz came over yesterday, I’ve been so wiped out. It might have been the burgers and fries he brought from Braum’s. It was good, but it doesn’t taste as good when it comes back up in the middle of the night.


I have laundry to do tomorrow, so I better get to bed so I can pass a vocab quiz in German and do a radio airshift at ed-90.1.

Want to listen in? I’ll be on tomorrow (and every Tuesday until December) from 2-4pm CT. Just point your mouse over to, and click on the ed-90.1 banner on the upper right side of the page. I also have an hour on Mondays from 4-5pm CT.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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