Orange Gatorade, mac n cheese, and heavy duty pain killers (oh my!)

Day 2 of the post root canal/ temporary crown adventures is coming to a close, and so… A status report…

Last night I found my mac n cheese at Dominos, but come to learn that last Saturday, I had bought frozen mac n cheese at Crest. Of course, I find this out about ten minutes ago, because I just had it for dinner.

The heavy duty painkiller I was prescribed works like a charm, even with the weird dreams (me taking Mom to a Disturbed concert, and she liking it was tame compared to the scary shit my brain comes up with when I’m taking the liquid form of NyQuil), I still managed to sleep most of the day.

And– my dear #2 son, Jeff, brought me a gallon of orange Gatorade (the only flavor I’ll drink) at my request. Then he stayed for a while and we talked about life, politics, religion, complacency, among other subjects.

Right now, I’m enjoying orange Gatorade and cherry Pop Tarts. Then I’ll go back to sleep. Hopefully, I’ll have forgettable dreams…


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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