Disturbed’s “The Animal” Lyric video… and David’s voice needs to rest.

Disturbed’s lyric video for their current single “The Animal”… a hell of a lot better than the stupid one they released for “Another Way to Die” last summer! Can’t wait for the official video for THe Animal. Would love to see David Draiman turn into a werewolf!

Speaking of David, according to an article on boston.com, the short tour the band was going to do beginning later this month had to be cancelled because David has a “serious” throat condition, that while not permanent, will require him to not sing for up to four weeks. The band is doing a short tour in Europe called “The Taste of Chaos”, and I guess the band is hoping David’s voice will be better by then. I hope so! I know lots of people who already have tickets to that tour that starts in November sometime.

Get well soon, David!


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