Notice: I’m entitled to my opinion

…and personally, I don’t think of my pets (if I had any) as my children. That’s what I had children for.

I’ve had lots of pets, mostly cats. I’ve never referred to any of them as my “furbabies”, or any other currently popular phrase that people use to describe their pets.

And this trend of people bringing their small dogs everywhere with them (even to the grocery store, and I’m sure that’s some kind of health code violation right there!) really irks me. Tell them to take their pet back to the car, and they get all, “Oh! I can’t leave my baby in the car alone!”  Um, hello, it’s a dog. It won’t mind if you’re gone a few minutes. Better yet, leave the little yapper at home.

I know this sounds cold and heartless to those animal lovers out there, but you know what? I don’t care. What’s this world coming to when people treat their pets better than they treat other people? Since when did a yappy little dog’s life become more important than a human being’s?

What the hell is this world coming to?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


One thought on “Notice: I’m entitled to my opinion

  1. I agree! I have two small-ish dogs, but I would never dream of taking them to the store or something like that! It annoys teh crap out of me! Granted, I do spoil my dogs, but they are still just dogs. I joke that they are my children sometimes, but in all reality, once we actually have children, they will still be dogs. It is ridiculous the way some people treat their animals nowadays! When my husband was deployed, I would talk to my dog, but never did I dream of just taking him to the grocery store, or dress him up and claim he was my “furbaby”. UGH!!

    Sorry about the rant, but as you can see I completely agree with you!!

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