Earthquake, smearthquake…

I live in Oklahoma. You’d think there wouldn’t be that many earthquakes here.


There was one this morning, and it had been reported that it was anywhere from 4.5 to 5.1 on the Richter Scale.

I barely felt it where I was.  I honestly thought it was traffic out on Boulevard. Apparently, the earth did move.

I’m from California. Southern California where the San Andreas fault is.  I’ve been in a few earthquakes in my time. The first one I remember was on my seventh birthday in 1971. It’s still known as the Sylmar quake because that was where the epicenter was. It was a pretty powerful one if memory serves. Shook our house pretty good. I think it was 6.5 or 6.6 on the Richter Scale. 

So the one here today in Oklahoma was not a big deal. When it knocks me out of bed, I’ll let you know. I just don’t think  one that large will ever hit here.

The last one I was in that was of the throwing you out of the bed variety was on Oct. 16, 1999. It was the day after my dad’s funeral. I flew all the way out from Boston for that?! Losing my dad wasn’t bad enough? That one was 7.1. Now that’s an earthquake… not these little piddly 3’s and 4’s they have here in Oklahoma (though it freaks out some of the locals).

By the time I went to my dad’s funeral, I was so jaded by earthquakes that when then 15 year old Daniel came into my room asking if I felt something, I told him sleepily that it was an earthquake and to go back to bed.

I then went back to sleep and forgot all about it, til morning. That’s when I saw the coverage of it on the news. My brother Greg’s then-wife (who wasn’t from the US and had never felt one), made Greg and their daughter go sleep in the car… like they’d be safer there?

So, to review—

Today’s quake was anywhere from 4.5 to 5.1…

It was centered about six miles east of Norman, OK.

Supposedly it could be felt between Wichita Falls, TX to Wichita, KS….yet I live right smack in the middle of Oklahoma and I didn’t feel anything I’d be worried about. Like I had mentioned above, I thought it was the traffic going by on the street outside my bedroom window!

Go fig.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~

earthquakes and all

3 thoughts on “Earthquake, smearthquake…

  1. Hi Stef.
    I actually LIVE in So cal and earthquakes here lately have been often and attention grabbers! You tend to get used to them…and than not really because you never know if THAT one is gonna bring the house down! 🙂

    just wanted to say HI.

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