I’d do the “What am I thankful for” thing, but I won’t…

Because I’ve already said it in so many other places, that it would just seem like I’m repeating myself.

So instead, I’m watching the parade, then I’ll watch the dog show, head over to Mom’s until it’s time to go to my sister’s for whatever it is they’ve got planned over there this year.

Oh, and I probably should think about getting dressed and stuff at some point. Nothing ruins a good time like a stinky Stef.  At least, that’s my take on it.

I’ll have to ask Sarah about that goofy video she and her sister made and posted on Facebook yesterday. It has a title card of a photograph of Sarah and Scott kissing.

That’s almost too much information for me (as Scott’s mom) to process. I feel like I walked in on them at entirely the wrong time. And even though the video is posted on Sarah’s sister’s Facebook page, she tagged her sister in it, and since Sarah is on my friend’s list over there, it shows up on my Wall.

Welcome to the world of TMI… or maybe it’s just me. I might feel differently if I were in a relationship, but I’d also like to think that at 46 years old, I’m beyond posting my private business on Facebook.

And I’d like to mention that it’s cold as crap outside and I’ll have to pull out the heavy coat, gloves, a hat, and a muffler… IF I can find the damn things in my closet! I don’t think I’ve unpacked any of that stuff yet, and I’ve lived here almost 5 months!

I wonder if it’ll snow. Now that would be different! Snow in Oklahoma on Thanksgiving. It hasn’t happened since I’ve lived here, but that doesn’t meant that it never has.


Yesterday, November 24, would have been my friend Lisa’s 46th birthday. I still can’t believe she’s gone, and it’s been nearly 11 months now! Her son seems to be doing well, according to other friends of hers that have posted on Lisa’s Facebook page.

I know you’re watching over all of us who care about you, chica. Miss you!


Mom just called, and I’m supposed to be ready to go by 1pm. That’s when they’re going to pick me up. Then we’ll head over to Tori and Dean’s.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~

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