Thanksgiving was…um…strange.

Mom calls me about 10am and asks if Dean has called me, and I said no (I’m the last to know anything that goes on in my family, it seems). Apparently, we were to be at Tori and Dean’s  at 2pm, and that Jeff, Daniel and Mom would pick me up around 1:30pm. At 1:40, Marc calls me and asks if I’ve been picked up yet.

“Um, no, I’m still waiting,” I said.

“All I know is that Nonni [my mom] isn’t home,” said Marc.

I no sooner hang up with Marc, then Jeff comes to knock on my door. Practically kicks the door in to be more precise. But I gather up my stuff and as we’re heading out to the car, Jeff tells me that Mom and Daniel would like me to drive.

Um, okay.

So, I drive out to Tori’s.

I think we spent all of three hours at my sister’s, where we had dinner, dessert, apple cider, talked a little, and  submitted for pictures taken by Sarah. After dinner, Sarah and Scott left because there was a visitor at Sarah’s house and their presence was requested.

Everyone else went downstairs to play games and whatnot, and the adults (me, Tori and Dean, Dean’s folks, and Mom) sat in the kitchen and talked. Daniel would make occasional forays upstairs for pie.

Joey’s social skills have improved greatly since the last time I saw him, but he still needs a “helper” at school (for those who may be new to the blog, my nephew Joey is mildly autistic, and sometimes needs assistance with staying on task). He actually acts like a regular seven year old boy at times, and that’s good.

My usual correspondants are doing their own things with their families, so I have nothing to really report from that  front for now. And I’m alternately reading my Media Law text for class on Monday, and working on my fan fiction and other fun stuff. At some point, I’m going to have to register for the spring semester.

It’s that or get a job, and jobs are few and far between. Besides, I’m almost done (I hope; though after this semester, I may have screwed myself. Academic forgiveness is something I need to look into, because the last two semesters were far from the best I could do.)

So, that was my bizarre turkey day tale. No “Black Friday” nonsense for me. If I wanted to fight with total strangers, I’d go to a heavy metal concert and hang out in the pit. That’s much more fun than Black Friday could ever be!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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