This is the weirdest, most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard…

Just got off the phone with my friend Chaz, and he had this weird tale to tell–

He has this female friend (they used to date before I met Chaz) who called him up yesterday and told him that she had to have her 17 and 15 year old dogs put to sleep. She was really upset about this, as you could imagine.

A little backstory… this chick is a widow, and has her late hubby’s ashes in an urn in her living room. She actually talks to him as if he were still there. Said stuff to Chaz like, “[Hubby] knows you’re here, but he doesn’t mind.”

Okay, anyway, this chick’s dogs had to be put down, and when it was done, she asked for the bodies so she could bury them on her property out in Shawnee or someplace out there.

She gets them out of the back of her truck and takes them to a place on her property where she was going to bury them, so she left them out there for a couple of days so she could collect herself. THEN, she goes back, digs the holes to bury them in, then… she lops their heads off with a chainsaw and decided to use them (the heads) as grave markers!

Then buries the headless corpses…


Wouldn’t it have been easier to go to the taxidermist and had them stuffed…? or let the vet dispose of them…? or even have them cremated and given the ashes to do with as she saw fit? Anything other than what she did do.

This broad’s not dealing a full deck here!

And Chaz just had to tell someone! Lucky me!

I mean, I’ve had pets put to sleep. Mom had to put Pinky down just this past September, but she let the vet dispose of the poor dog’s remains. Even in my wildest imagination would I NOT come up with something so bizarre as I’ve described above!

I don’t think Chaz is going to be making any trips southeast of OKC for a looooong ass time… if ever!

What IS it with older women and small dogs? Just give me a cat, and I’ll be happy.

Okay, no “cat lady” jokes!


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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