Now, I’ve apparently pissed off Australia… I didn’t do anything to the Aussies, I swear!

Twenty six more spam messages from Australia… Please for the love of the diety of your choice (or not) KNOCK IT OFF!

This is getting so old. I’m tired of all this shit. Can’t a gal have a blog in peace anymore?


Remember this gal?

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

This was an old cartoon from my childhood. I think it came from Wacky Races, and they spun off Penelope here to her own cartoon.
Anyone over the age of, say 45, might remember this.
I changed my profile pic on Facebook to this for the weekend. Daniel changed his to Darkwing Duck, a cartoon from his childhood (which I rather enjoyed myself).
God, am I really getting old, or as my high school friend Keith said in a comment on my Facebook page… well seasoned.
Though that makes me sound like dinner to me!
Then Jon called and ruined my whole day.
He got this grand idea that he was going to give up the job he JUST got and move him and Cassie here to Oklahoma.
He said something to the effect of being closer to the kids. I told him that he should have done that ten years ago (or at least 8, when I moved here), and that it was too little, too late.
This all got started because Cassie’s stepfather asked Jon why he wasn’t closer to the kids. I get the feeling in talking to Cassie that her stepfather is a first class asswipe.
Thing that scares me is that Cassie’s stepfather and Jon are probably about the same age.
Can we say ewww!
It’s not my life, so I don’t care how uncomfortable  questions like that make Jon feel. He should have thought about that years ago… when he was telling people that everything bad in our marriage was my fault. 
And Jon, if you are by some chance reading this, don’t deny it. People asked me about it after I moved here!
It’s late, I’m tired, and I’m discouraged. Maybe a good nights sleep will help. I’m not even going to tag this post.
I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

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