The last few days… and a Disturbed video parody.

Well… Sunday was Marc’s birthday, and of course, he wanted to go to Olive Garden for his birthday dinner.

Daniel will want to do the same when his birthday comes along next week.

We did the usual birthday things, and I helped Tori set up a Facebook account.

Marc got some nice stuff…as usual. And, as usual, I am broke and couldn’t get him anything.


On Monday, I went to class, did my hour at ed-90.1, and came home exhausted.

Today, I’m just cold. Freezing. At the present time, I’m sitting in a 75 degree room, and I’m STILL COLD!


Oh, and here’s that Disturbed video parody. I actually saw this over the summer and swore I’d post it in December.

It’s pretty funny… the captions are hilarious! Watch it twice: once to hear the music, the second time, turn down the sound and just watch the captions. It’s pretty funny.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~

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