This morning, I slept in…

All the way to 8am. Wow. 

And after the fantastic weather we had round these parts yesterday, it’s now cold again. The high today is supposed to be around 50 degrees.  Let’s see if it makes it that far.

Tomorrow, they say we’re going to get snow. We’ll see.

My finals are over, so it can snow all it wants as far as I’m concerned.


Talked to Chaz yesterday, and he’s hanging in there. He’s been thinking about all the people he knows who have gone on to the Great Beyond now that it’s the Holidays. I don’t know why he does that to himself every year. His wife died in December if memory serves. Maybe that’s it.

He told me more about “Old Girl”, the chick whose dogs died and she brought them home and lopped their heads off. Well, she has “a lover” and that she’s a “one man woman” or some such nonsense, and wants to be able to call Chaz occasionally. Just a friendly gesture, you understand.

I still think this broad’s a few bricks shy of a house, so I’d probably still keep my distance. But that’s just me.


I had the worst time trying to think of the word “nepotism” last night when talking to my friend, Vikki, on MSN Messenger. All I had going around my mind were words like “voir dire” and “sequestration”, leftovers from my Media Law final (which I rocked, thankyouverymuch!). I hate it when I know what I want to say, but not the damn word I want to use! Bugs me to no freakin’ end!


I’ve started working on my sequel to the “Unintended Summer Writing Project” that I just finished last week. Like that one wasn’t long enough? It’s FIFTEEN HUNDRED FREAKIN’ PAGES! It takes up a quarter of a 4gig jumpdrive! Now I’m doing a sequel???

Yeah, I know, it’s insane… but what else did you expect from me?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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