So what else is new?

I get enough sleep. I’m eating half way decently. I walk everywhere. Four days a week since last Monday, I’ve been sitting in classes, expanding my knowledge.

So why in the hell am I so freakin’ tired all the freakin’ time?!

If I go to bed too early, I’ll wake up at some ungodly hour and be unable to fall back to sleep. If I go to bed too late, I won’t get enough sleep.

It really sucks to be me sometimes (see, Larry, how exciting my life is?).

Sometimes, I’m so tired (like right now for example), I feel like crying.

I’m almost 47 years old… trying to keep up with college students roughly the same age as Scott. Who the freakin’ hell am I kidding? I’m not Wonder Woman, you know!

But, I soldier on regardless, because by God, I’m going to finish this damned degree if it kills me! And it just might… or just feels like it.

And, yeah– it’s Monday. Yay.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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