Fall on icy sidewalks = no fun for Stef

Everything on my left side hurts like hell.

I’ve fallen three times on icy patches in the ten days between January 10 and 20. All three times, I’ve fallen on my left side. And now, it appears that no only is my back sore, but my sciatica has also made a guest appearance.

It felt like an electric shock went through my extremities on Saturday afternoon. Ever since then, me and my herniated discs have not been symaptico…comprende?

I can only take so much Aleve, rub just so much Icy Hot on the sore spots (around L-4 and L-5), and rest so much. The last time a doctor pressed that area, I literally lept off the examining table in pain!

This is not fun. My trip to San Antonio is in two weeks and I need to be pain free. Just standing for four (or more) hours straight will be painful enough, thanks!

This is all I need, on top of everything else.

Pardon me while I slink off to the corner and cry.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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