What really happened in San Antonio… besides the job interviews

See that header? The one from the marquee at the Alamodome? That concert, as stated, never happened.

Disturbed didn’t play Wednesday night. David Draiman messed up his voice…again.

The show still went forward, but instead of Disturbed, Korn played an extended set. That’s NOT what I drove all that way to see after my first job interview. The show scheduled for the following night in McAllen, Texas (the one I originally was going to go to before I discovered the San Antonio show was on my birthday) was rescheduled for March 6, and tickets would be good at that show. As for the show I came to attend, if Disturbed wasn’t going to play, I wasn’t interested in seeing Korn. I’m sending my unused ticket back for a refund.

The second interview I had on Thursday before I headed home was done on the phone because the guy who was supposed to interview me was ill, so I spoke to someone else instead. I don’t hold out much hope for that one. They could have called me later if that’s how they wanted to play it.

And besides seeing the Alamo, that’s how my trip went. Two job interviews, no Disturbed, and the Alamo was not this great big monument I was always led to believe it was. My hotel was nice, though; even though there was a Texas Music Educators convention going on in San Antonio while I was there.

I’ll catch Disturbed during the Mayhem festival in August. Tickets for that go on sale April 8th… so a little less than two months to go for that. The money from the refund of the MAAW 5 tickets will go toward that.

I hope they’ll have a meet-n-greet at Mayhem… I’d love to meet the rest of the band!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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