Okay, this is just plain stupid…

The SIM card in my BlackBerry decided to not work. The message I got was “SIM card rejected”. I’ve had the damn phone for nearly two years!

So, after not having my phone from about noon on, I called T-Mobile from a pay phone (and no, they have not gotten rid of all of them yet, thank God!), and was told that sometimes in the older BlackBerrys, the SIM card reaches a limit and stops working. It could be the SIM card, which isn’t damaged, or the phone. Personally, I hope it’s just the SIM card and I don’t have to pony up for a whole new phone, especially since I’m due for an upgrade in June.

I cannot make or receive calls, so I have to make a trip to an actual T-Mobile store to get this ironed out. Since this is the only phone I have, I need to get this taken care of post haste.

And, I think I will reactivate one of my old TracFones to have as a back up in case stupid shit like this happens again.

First it was the battery, now it’s something else… I wonder if smartphones do that on purpose to make you upgrade sooner than you’re scheduled to be.

It’s a conspiracy! (NOT! LOL)


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


Oh, and don’t get me started on makeup for little girls… that just pisses me right the hell off!


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