I am SO sick of Charlie-f’n-Sheen!

Dude, you need help. Seriously.

Hasn’t anyone told you not to bite the hand that feeds you?

Or to not burn all your bridges behind you?

Because that’s exactly what you are doing when you diss the producer of your mega-popular TV show. Your borderline anti-semitic comments only show what a loser you are.

And what the hell is this “winning” and “tigerblood” bullshit? Who are you trying to fool? Yourself?

Real winners own up to their behavior, and not blame everyone else. Want to know who’s really to blame, Charlie? Look in a fuckin’ mirror!

BTW, your “goddesses” are whores. Really. You gave up on marriage, on your children, to hang out with lingerie models and porn starlets and pickle what’s left of your brain with booze and drugs? Grow the fuck up, dude!

I like your show, and I feel bad that Jon Cryer and Angus Jones may soon be out of a job because of your bad behavior, not to mention all the people behind the scenes.

I don’t understand why you expect your “fans” (if you indeed still have any after this nonsense) to support your ridiculousness. The only reason you have a million followers on Twitter, Charlie, is that your life has become a train wreck, and people can’t take their eyes, their minds, their attention off you.

I can. And I’m sick to creeping death of you. Be an adult and admit you’re at fault for a lot of your problems and get some real help… not this at home rehab bullshit you keep babbling about. 

You’re NOT a winner, nor are “winning”; and you certainly don’t have “tigersblood” running through your veins.

I’m done wasting space on my blog on you. Now go the fuck away and get help.


I’m Stef and THIS is where it’s @ !~


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