Oh, yes, let’s DO turn this into a dog and pony show!

All the stuff I’ve been hearing and reading since the news came that Osama bin Laden was dead just boggles my mind.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • *Americans celebrating in the streets. While on one hand I can understand why people are doing that, the fact of the matter is, someone was killed for all the right reasons. I personally draw the line at celebrating in the streets. For some reason, that seems a might disrespectful

Okay, I know you’re saying, “But it’s OSAMA BIN LADEN!” Still, it was a human life. True, one that was evil, who used his faith’s Holy Book as his reason for killing innocent people. He will have to pay for those sins in the next stage. But celebrating in the streets, again, is where I personally have to draw the line.

“I take no pleasure in the death of wicked people. I only want them to turn from wicked ways so they may live.” -Ezekial 33:11

Obviously, bin Laden didn’t do this. But I still “take no pleasure” in his death.

  • *Now that he’s dead, the conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork like termites. People want “proof”. Of what? He’s just as dead. People want to see the photos the media says the White House has of bin Laden’s corpse.

First of all, from a journalism standpoint, this is highly unethical. Secondly, it’s in poor taste. If you’re interested in the blood and gore that someone being shot in the head produces, have at it. I still don’t think they should be available for the public to view. A public, I might add, that contains children and sensitive individuals.

Don’t you dare tell me kids don’t read the papers. I started reading the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times when I was still in elementary school! As a parent, I can only imagine what seeing a dead body on the front page of the New York Times or the Oklahoman would do to a child. Publish the photos? Not just no, but HELL NO!

  • *Give all the credit to George W. Bush? Not ALL of it! That doofus got us into these two wars, and he sure isn’t doing anything to get us out of them, nor did he give the order to storm the compound where bin Laden was hiding. President Obama did that. Osama got his on Obama’s watch. Give Bush 43 credit for bringing down Public Enemy Number 1? No f’n way!
  • *And what about that burial at sea, anyway? The way I understood it, no other country in that region would accept Osama’s remains (for fear, perhaps, that his followers would make a shrine out of it and use it to proclaim him a martyr), and according to Islamic law, the body had to be buried or disposed of within 24 hours of death, so a burial at sea was the only option. That I got from CNN. If there are Imams out there who could confirm or deny this, please let me know. 

In short, this is going to be the dog and pony show to end all dog and pony shows. Prove bin Laden is dead; show the pictures of his corpse; explain the burial at sea; give Bush credit.

Let’s not go there. Let’s work on getting our men and women in uniform home. Let’s get shit done in this country so we’re not paying $5 for gas by May 29th, so people can have jobs (including me), so people can save for retirement (I’ll be 70 when I’ll be able to retire– that’s 2034, folks– so what am I saving for?). Just because Osama bin Laden is dead does NOT mean the “War on Terror” is over. If anything, we need to be even more vigilant for a while longer.  The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is coming up, after all.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

PS: if you leave comments, please be mature and rational about it. Because if you’re not, don’t expect to see it. I moderate my comments for a reason. That’s one of them. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Oh, yes, let’s DO turn this into a dog and pony show!

  1. Hi Stef,

    I just randomly found your blog and read this post.

    Although I disagree with you on some points, I think it was highly insightful and made me think a little more.

    But there’s definitely one thing we can agree on: No one should celebrate the killing of another.

  2. I generally agree with you on most of your points but I do suspect a bit of political silliness in the burial at sea. Yes, we had to bury the guy within 24 hours and getting someone to do that might have been complex but we could have accomplished it. I’ve also read that while burial at sea is in accordance with Islamic law, it is only so with the agreement of an imam. I suspect the decision just was they didn’t want a shrine erected to the criminal.

    And I also disagree with you about bringing the soldiers home. You can’t wage a war on a method of war. Terrorism isn’t a target that is capable of defeat via traditional warfare. For example, you can’t wage a war on square foot gardening with hoeing the weeds. One thing is a method which is abstract and the other is an action which is definite.

    You wage a war on terror by using other abstract means, like teaching our children that they’re more likely to be struck by lightning than by being attacked by a terrorist.

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