Welcome to the storm shelter… with half of Edmond and their pets!

On Tuesday (5/24), we had some weather weirdness going on in the form of tornadoes. The weather prognosticators said to take this one seriously, and me being nervous about experiencing my first really bad tornado, I headed off to the nearest storm shelter.

It was in the basement of the UCO Library.

At first, it would only be available to faculty, staff and students; but soon, it seemed like half of Edmond showed up… and they brought their pets!

Dogs and cats and birds, oh my!

So not only was I down there for three hours while the worst of the storm raged outside (no tornado, but wind and rain galore) with people I’d gone to school with, but people I didn’t know and their nervous pets (as evidenced by the puddles I had to avoid stepping into when the all clear was finally given).

I was keeping people updated via Facebook, Twitter, text messages and phone. I swear, my phone blew up! Everyone from Charles to Jon called to ask if I was okay.

All part of the fun of living in Tornado Alley.


After I got home, everything was still intact. The tornado that was headed straight for Edmond hit a town west of us called Piedmont that got pretty torn up, then turned northeast and hit Guthrie. All Edmond got was wind and rain. I guess I should be thankful for that.  I do feel for the people who have to deal with the aftermath. Lives were lost. Property damaged. Rebuilding that needs to be done.

Not nearly as bad as Joplin on Sunday, but when it’s your community, it’s just as bad. And people here still gauge all tornadoes by the May 3, 1999 tornado that was an EF-5 with winds of 300+ miles per hour.

I’m still a “tornado virgin”… until the next set of storms decides to come a callin’.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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