To elaborate…

This involves a former boyfriend with whom I HAD been friends.

That is, until last night.

He calls me, waking me from a dead sleep, and starts yelling and screaming this nonsense about an email I supposedly sent his wife, calling me a whore and other things I never thought I’d hear him address to me. He never gave me a chance to defend myself. He just told me to “forget my facebook, my phone number…” then hung up on me.

After I stopped shaking, I was pissed off. What he had been referring to was a PRIVATE message I sent him on Facebook, quoting something that he had said in a previous message to me (and which I still have copies of, even though he deleted me as a friend on FB). This is what his wife read, and he got all bent out of shape over it because she got the idea that I wanted to take him away from her, when that was not the case. I attempted to call him back, but my call went straight to voicemail, so I unloaded on him there. I told him that we are no longer friends if he’s going to call my integrity into question. I have no doubt that Wifey was sitting right there listening to him verbally assault me.

I contacted a man who had a role in raising this now former friend, and told him what had happened. His response was that he thought that said former friend and his wife were in a frame of mind where to get attention off their internal problems, they were (knowingly or unknowingly) causing problems for other people.

They are, I think, so insecure as a couple that they snoop into each other’s Facebook accounts looking for anything to use against the other in fights. That insecurity may explain her always leaving notes on his wall about how much she loves him.

You know, now that I look back on it, I should have seen this coming. That one day, he was going to unload some fictitious crap on me. There was never an email that I sent. He allowed her access to his account, and she took everything out of context.

At this point, I’m not sure that I even want to be his friend if and when he comes to his senses. I do NOT take what he said to me lightly, and will NOT allow him to verbally abuse me in that manner. I had enough of that when I was married. I wouldn’t take it from Jon, and and I certainly WILL NOT take it from this guy. He is still the same insecure man I met nine years ago. And I’m done. I tried to be his friend. It wasn’t enough.

He destroyed our friendship with one ill timed and overly emotional phone call.

And if you’re reading this, my dear… have a nice life. You get what you deserve.



I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~

(and I don’t take shit like that lightly, from ANYONE.)


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