The debt ceiling mess…two days to go

The August 2nd deadline is looming, and one plan has already been shot down.

Dear government: have you ALL lost your collective minds? Is it really that important to stroke your egos than make sure the country doesn’t default on its obligations? Do you know what that is going to mean for John and Jane Q. Public? Have you really thought about us out here, already struggling, not being able to make OUR bills because you dragged your feet?

Let me tell you… there are millions out there who depend on Social Security, who come Tuesday, might not get their checks because of what you guys do in DC. My mother is one of them, and she’s scared to death of not being able to pay her mortgage. Do you really want to do that to an 82 year old woman?

And do you think our armed forces, many of whom are in HARMS WAY, want to work for free?

Get your heads out of your asses and do the right thing.  Don’t make us find out what happens if you can’t get this done on time.

Thank you for your time– only our survival depends on it.

(who is plenty cheesed off at her government right now)


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