WARNING: This is going to be a Disturbed post

My show at the Zoo Amp in Oklahoma City is NEXT TUESDAY!!!!! I can NOT wait to get into the pit and get hot n sweaty with hundreds of people I don’t know! Only problem is, the temp that day is threatening to be something like 110 degrees.

And since Disturbed is going on their “indefinite hiatus” after this tour, this will be the last chance I have to see them for a while. I’ve had my ticket since April when they went on pre-sale, I’ve got the car rented and will be decked out in my #DRAIMANLIKESITLOUD shirt I had made at CafePress.com… and my pink ball cap, of course (the one that survived Rob Zombie and Korn last year!)

I wonder how I could get this on either the shirt or the cap by Tuesday:

scan this sucker for a link to the Disturbed fan forum I'm a member of

Morbus Rising QR Code

I’ll work on something….

So, on the occasions between now and Tuesday when I do post, it will be MayhemFest and/or Disturbed-centric.

Don’t be surprised. You HAVE been warned, after all!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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