Black Sabbath Reunion? Not so fast!

According to the Birmingham (UK) Mail, Black Sabbath will be making a comeback with new material with the original members.

Guitarist Tony Iommi says that’s not true. That there is no truth to the story that there’s a reunion in the works, that he’s NOT working with Ozzy Osbourne on new material.

Last I checked, Iommi and Ozzy were barely speaking to each other.

So what’s the real story? Probably wishful thinking on the part of the Birmingham Mail. Maybe they were punked by some over zealous fan.

If Tony Iommi says that Sabbath isn’t reuniting, then he should know.

I’d go see them if they were doing a reunion tour. That would be so cool! But you have to take into account that these guys are all in their 60s now, so it’d be Black Sabbath: Pensioners Edition. They’re definitely not the same band that dominated a lot of the 1970s metal scene.

I mean, they could all retire now.

In short: cool if a reunion happens. But I don’t think it will.

I could be wrong. That’s up to them, but I don’t see it happening.



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