Birthdays, Resolutions & Finals

Okay, please don’t shoot me for neglecting the blog…it’s been a rough semester.

Birthdays: Marc is now legal! He turned 18 on December 5th.

Daniel’s birthday is today (12/14)… add 10 to Marc’s age to get Daniel’s. He recently got a job which he seems to like better than the last one he had.

Now Christmas can begin LOL!

Resolutions: I usually don’t make these, but it seems important that I have some kind of goals to work toward. Sooo–

1) Save money. I seriously need to do this…

2) Get a job…anything to supplement what I’m already getting in Fin Aid.

3) Get a full health check. Some things happening to me lately scare the begeezus out of me.

4) Seriously work on getting my degree done by Dec. next year. That means I have to look into getting an internship & finish my pre-reqs. And go talk to the advisor I don’t like about all this.

Finals: only have 2 this semester. They’re on Thursday. One is

@ 11am…

The other is @ 6:30pm! Then I’m done & can worry about other things.

And I’ll try to update more often. Sound like a fair deal?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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