Giving birth is not for sissies

I saw this report on the NBC Nightly News last night (Feb. 9th), that frankly pissed me off.

It was about the increasing number of women who schedule C-sections for convienence sake, saying that it could be more of a risk to the baby because of being born before they’re really ready to be.

There are some women who apparently don’t want to go through the pain & discomfort of having to actually WORK to bring their child into the world.They’re referred to as ”too posh to push”.

Pardon me while I shake my head in utter disbelief.

I brought 4 children into this world by working hard to get proper pre natal care, to take care of myself, and, yes, going through labor to get them there.

Yes, it was painful; and yes, I did need pain relief, but push them out into the world I did. And I don’t regret it. Schedule a C-section because I was impatient or didn’t want to experience pain? My doctor(s) would have slapped me if I had even dared suggest such a thing!

Women have been giving birth for as long as there’s been a human race, and THEY did it without the benefit of drugs or surgery. They just squatted down where they were, delivered the baby, cleaned it up, put it in a sling across their bodies, and went back to whatever they were doing. None of this, ”Oh it hurts!” jazz. It’s childbirth, it’s not supposed to be painless.

Now, if there’s a real emergency and the baby needs to be born due to something out of the mothers control, then that’s when surgery would be warranted… NOT because some woman doesn’t want to go through pain.

Get in there and get your baby born, whenever he or she decides to make an appearance close to their due date.

Cuz honey…giving birth ain’t for sissies.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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