Chop down a tree, build a bridge, and get the hell over it!

Sometimes, the level of some people’s stupidity really amazes me. And just when I thought I’d seen it all, something new comes up that has me shaking my head, thinking, what the hell…?

Case in point: a couple of days ago or so, Disturbed’s frontman, David Draiman, taped an episode of “That Metal Show” for VH1 Classic. He mentioned on Twitter that he had a couple of announcements that we’d just have to wait and see when the show airs May 26th.

Of course, people got their panties in a bunch speculating what those “announcements” would be. Everything from Disturbed really breaking up (to which David said on his Twitter page that the answer was NO), to him forming a new band… even to whether David’s wife of six months was pregnant (though that would be awesome!).

Then, my friend Vikki posts on Twitter that she thinks she’s pissed off a lot of people on Morbus Rising, the Disturbed Fan Forum we both belong to. So I head over to the forum’s page and someone went off on David, speculating that the band was breaking up and that we should all take a hiatus from the forum until David makes up his mind about what he’s going to do with his time off from Disturbed (like it’s any of anyone’s business). He then ended his rant with what I took to be an anti-semitic remark.

Vikki expressed an opinion about what that person said, and that’s what made her think that she’d pissed people off. She sent a private message to the admins of the forum about what this person said.

Since I’m a moderator, I have the ability to remove posts that violate the “Forum Rules”. I sent the person a private message about what I was doing, and why I’m doing it, and included a link to the aforementioned forum rules post. Then, I, too, informed the Admins about what I’d done.

What don’t people get about posting that kind of nonsense in a public forum, especially that particular one that also includes minors as members? I get that this person was a little PO’d, but name calling is never the way to vent your frustrations.

We, as fans of Disturbed, don’t need to know anything and everything about what the members are doing during their hiatus, unless they want us to know. David keeps his private stuff private, and if and when he wants us to know, that decision should be his, NOT OURS!

Don’t like that? Then see the title of this post.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

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