Fried, pre-occupied, and sleep deprived

Thusday afternoon, I get this call from my son, Jeff, asking me if I could do him a favor.

“If the favor involves money, I can’t do it,” I told him.

He then told me that his grandmother was acting weird and could I come over.

I ask him to define “acting weird”.

Apparently, early that morning before either of the boys were awake, Mom fell. She told me later that she screamed for one of the boys to help her, but they didn’t hear her. She managed to get up on her own, but since then, she wasn’t herself.

And when I got there, she asked me what I was doing there.

We started asking her simple basic questions like what year was it (19-something was her answer), who the President was (she struggled with Obama, but got it right), and what her address was (she had no idea). When Scott came over later, we asked Mom how old Scott was and she said “30” (Scott will be 21 in May).

As it would happen, Tori, Dean, the kids and Marc were in Dallas, so we had to call Tori’s cell phone and explain what was going on. She said to call Mom’s doctor, so Jeff did that. It was suggested that we try to convince Mom to come to the emergency room, which she refused to even consider. Not even Tori and Dean could convince her. So we didn’t take her anywhere. She went to bed, and I stayed the night, where I didn’t get anything close to sleep. Mom’s couch and the fact that I was worried about her kept me up a good part of the night.

The next morning, Friday, Jeff called Mom’s doctor and made an appointment for her to be seen. Fortunately, there was an opening. Tori and company had returned from Dallas by that time, and me, Tori, Jeff and Mom trooped over to the doctor’s office.  What we found out was that Mom needs a walker, and that her memory lapse was a result of the fall she took and should be better in a few days. She should also be on oxygen, but because she smokes, that probably wasn’t a wise idea…unless of course we could convince her to quit, but at this late date, that is pretty much impossible. Mom’s smoked off and on (mostly on) for 66 years, though she did manage to quit in the mid-80s for five years until her mother died in 1989. Since then, she’s been smoking her fool head off. She was diagnosed with COPD in 2006, and not even the fact that she can’t walk across her kitchen without having to rest to catch her breath has convinced her to stop smoking.

It’s been quite an interesting few days, that’s for sure.

Mom has a follow up appointment with the doctor in May some time.

Fun times on spring break… I DID manage to get a couple of things done that I had planned to do… not nearly enough. I didn’t find a job.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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