You Only Live Once? Ya think…?

I’m sick to death of seeing these letters everywhere:


You only live once seems to be the millenials rallying cry.

Yes you only live once. Everyone knows that. But to me, it implies that it gives one permission to do stupid, illegal, immoral and irresponsible things.

Vandalize this sign (house, wall, store)? #YOLO LOL

Have unprotected sex? #YOLO

Skip class to go see a concert? Sure why not! Screw grades! #YOLO (Okay, to be fair, I’ve done this. But I made up the work I missed because of it. I didn’t do it because, haha, You Only Live Once; I did it because I made a conscious decision weeks or months in advance to do it.)

YOLO = Unplanned?

I do things at the spur of the moment, and the responsibility is all on me. I accept it like the adult I am. I actually think about the consequences of my actions before I do something I may regret later. Most times, I’ll decide that it’s not worth the trouble.

And yes, I am 48 years old and have had a whole lifetime of experiences. Most are forgettable.

I had four children who mean the world to me. I learned how strong I really am. I went back to school and in December I’ll get a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications out of all that hard work. I don’t have the time, patience, or disposible income (i.e. Mommy and Daddy’s money) to just say “Fuck it all!”

This is all on me, and has been since the summer of 1998 when my now ex-husband asked me for a divorce (I didn’t get said divorce for nearly eight years, but I was on my own from that point on).

When I stand before St. Peter after I die, I’ll be able to say that I learned the lessons that God intended me to learn. I will have no regrets. Life is too short for regrets.

Bet Millenials aren’t thinking about that. Because, haha, #YOLO!


Because this is where it’s @ !~


One thought on “You Only Live Once? Ya think…?

  1. You just made my day today! As this saying has ever since I remember pissed me off.. today I woke up especially pissed off about it! I feel exactly the same as you do. Stupid people they better HOPE they only live once. What if the reincarnation thing is true and the next life is gonna be as a neglected dog, tortured farm animal or a deformed person? What if it’s time to pay back all the illegal, irresponsible, immoral things they did while they claimed YOLO.. ugh!

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