Saying Goodbye


This is my mom. This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, 2012.

Last night at 11:40pm CDT, Mom drew her last breath on Earth and answered the call.

It was time. She just stopped breathing. She probaby saw Dad in that tree lined lane she dreamed about shortly after his death in 1999 and knew it was time to join him.

My mother was born Ruby Jean Phillips on July 31, 1929. She would have been 83 years old in three weeks.

She got sick in March, during my spring break at school. She refused to let us take her to the hospital to get checked out. Our family’s lives changed forever that day…March 22, 2012. She went to the hospital on March 26, then to the skilled nursing facility in Midwest City the first week of April.

It was there that she passed away last night, July 9, 2012.

I literally watched as she stopped breathing. It was surreal. I’d never watched anyone die before.

Funeral will be in California sometime in the next few days. She and Dad planned all this funeral stuff out years and years ago.

There’s still so much to do here before we even think about going out there.

The fact of the matter is that she’s gone. She’s breathing freely and not suffering anymore.

I can take a little comfort in that.

That and the idea that she and Dad are together.

And that she lived a long life.

Bye, Mom. I love you. Say hi to Dad for me.


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