It’s been a while

Things happen in ones life that gives one some pause.

That’s what my mother’s death this past Summer did for me.

Now that I am well into my last semester at school, I have to think about my post graduate life. In my case, I need to get a job. The bills have to  get paid somehow, right?

There will be no further educational pursuits by yours truly. Even if a grad student of my acquaintance does think I’ll change my mind in a couple of years.

I seriously doubt that. Going after a Masters at 51? It’s not happening. My 40s were about school. My 50s and beyond MUST be about 1) simply surviving in this economy, and 2) saving for the retirement I probably will never be able to afford.

A partner in all this would be nice. I don’t see that happening either. *sigh*

So if posts are few and far between, blame it on the fact that I’m graduating in December and busy looking for a job (if I don’t already have something lined up already).

I’ll write when I can.

Because this is Where it’s @ !~


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