Ten tickets and other news…

The semester is almost over! That means graduation is looming. Three more weeks until I walk across that stage at Hamilton Field House and claim my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.

I met my goal. A degree before my 50th birthday. You have no idea at all what this means to me!

I only wish Mom and Dad were here to see it. But somehow, they know, and I hope they are proud of me.

I now have enough tickets for my whole family in Oklahoma to attend what has to be the biggest accomplishment of my entire life.

I’m a college graduate.

Okay, I could say that in May of 2008 when I got my Associates from Rose State, but this is much bigger than that. It’s a Bachelors degree! 

And I worked damn hard for the bloody thing!

I’m sure it will sink in eventually.

Wow, this TOTALLY blows my mind!


However, there are some regrets;  things I should have done when I had the chance, but didn’t. Those opportunities won’t come my way again.

One thing I did do was to tell someone I admired him, what he was trying to accomplish and asked if we could be friends. So far, I have not heard from him and sadly, I think the semester will end without an answer. If I was barking up the wrong tree (re: whether he was married or taken or single or whatever), I sure would have like to have had an answer to that. But, I guess I will never know.

His loss. I think we would have been great friends. But he’ll never knew what slipped through his fingers.


II can’t dwell on “what might have been”. I have stuff to do. I have to find a job so I can start paying on the nearly $60K worth of student loan debt come June. At least I get a 6 month grace on that.

I better get busy.


Who knows when I’ll have the time to update this blog again before graduation. I hope to start making regular postings to it soon. But if I don’t, then you’ll know I am busy.

Life awaits, and it waits for no one.

Not even me.


I’m Stef, soon to be college graduate, and this is where it’s @ !~


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