Stef Would Like to Thank–

Mom and Dad (Wish you were here!)

Daniel, Jeff, Scott, and Marc;

Tori, Dean, Amalia and Joseph Cook; Melvin and Gloria Cook; Sarah Brookey and Rachel Young.

Dr. Terry Clark, Dr. Mark Hanebutt, Dr. David Nelson, Mark Scott, Jeff Hagy, Desiree Hill, Dr. Gwen Olivier, Jennifer White, & Brad Keim; Charleen Weidell (for your understanding); Dr. John Springer; Marilyn Ingmire; Anne Hayhurst; James Streck, Ryan Holbrook, Andrew Morris, & Jeremy K. Massengill (for your help in getting through the tough math and science classes!).

Bobbi Elkamely, Jean Alger, Denise Robatteaux, Chantal Robatteaux, Joshua Lim; Everyone at UCentral Student Media; Chris Frioux at KJ103 FM; Larry Gable; Vikki Hamme; Tamara and Jim Talicska; Ben Draiman; Bill Oberst, Jr.; Everyone at Morbus Rising, especially CrowX & Ravensclaw; Disturbed, Art of Dying, Halestorm, Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, StoneSour, Trivium, Straight Line Stitch, Lacuna Coil, HellYeah, Nonpoint, and many more bands for getting me through the hard times;

University of Central Oklahoma Fall 2012 Mass Comm-Broadcasting Graduates.

“If I Can Get Thru This, I Can Get Thru Anything”
–Art of Dying, “Get Through This”

“Write Your Name In Gasoline and Set That Shit on Fire!”
–Halestorm, “Freak Like Me”

I can do all things thru Christ who stengthens me. -Phil. 4:13

December 15, 2012


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