Because nothing says, “I’m a mature adult” like having bright pink anime hair

I admit I love to people watch. There are some really good places to do that. Walmart is one such place.

First there is Paranoid Mom, who bought one of those seat cover things to put in the cart so Little Biff or Little Muffy don’t have to sit directly on the germ riddled seat like the rest of the peasants children. Please… a few germs ain’t going to hurt your little precious, lady, trust me. I used to put my sons in them all the time and they never got any weird diseases. And it might help if you actually put real clothes on your little prince/princess and not some cute impractical romper from J. Crew. And why are you shopping at Walmart when there’s a perfectly good natural grocery store a couple of streets away? Shopping at J. Crew leave you a little short this pay cycle?

Practical Mom puts her child into the cart seat and all she cares about is whether it has a seat belt, because you know Junior’s at the climbing out of things stage.

Food Stamp Mom has four kids under the age of five and lives in the Section 8 housing complex down the street. And her hair is BRIGHT SHOCKING PINK. I expect that from high school kids, not from someone who is an alleged adult. Into anime and manga a little TOO much, are we? If you want to show your love for the character with the bright pink hair, wear a freakin’ wig!

My favorite this trip was Retro Hippie Mom, who carried her baby in a sling, brought her own bags, and read labels like she was reading a contract. No artifical anything for her, baby, and her equally Retro Hippie Husband/Significant Other (who is probably a grad student somewhere and has long hair and a beard).

Okay, I know these are generalizations and I shouldn’t stereotype people, because Retro Hippie Mom probably has an MBA, and Paranoid Mom is probably working at J. Crew.

I’ve done some pretty weird stuff, but even I have never had anime hair.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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