The post about the notes I never send

Yesterday, I wrote out this to someone I’d love to be friends with:

May all your dreams come true.

Will I ever give it to them? Probably not. They have probably forgotten I exist by now.

I’ve done this for as long as I can remember- to get things off my chest, I’ll write a letter or a note to someone, then either tear it up or hide it away. Maybe it’s why I am still sane after all these years. By writing it down (and getting out emotions that would otherwise stay bottled up inside me), I get rid of the negative or counter-productive feelings. They just get in my way. I didn’t want to be one of those people who explode emotionally one day and no one saw it coming.

So I write it down and then deal with it.

So to the person I’d written the note to (see below)- I’d still love to be friends with you, and I do hope you reach the goals you set for yourself. You’ll never see that note, or this post for that matter (unless you’ve been looking for me, which I seriously doubt). Just needed to get it out of my system is all.

Take care and set the world on fire.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~




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