Just a little something something I wrote

Not that anyone in particular is going to read it, I just thought I’d post it & share. I’ve been writing poetry my whole life. It gets stuff off my chest and expresses the things in my mind and in my heart. I can say things this way that I don’t dare any other way and chalk it up to freedom of expression.

So there.


Just As I Am.

I like you.
But I find it very hard to trust.
Are you the kind of man I’ve encountered
Time and time again?
The kind who pretend they feel the same about me
then find that they’re just playing games with
My heart, my feelings, my self worth.

Or, are you the rare man who doesn’t care what
I look like on the outside, that it’s what’s inside that counts?
Are you the kind that will protect me
but not smother me?
The kind that will respect me and my opinions
without shouting me down or telling me I know nothing?
The kind who will accept me as I am, right now
and doesn’t want to “improve” me to reflect some personal, irrational ideal?

If you are all of those things I seek, please take the time
To gain my trust.
I just may surprise you.
Because right now, I really like you;
And I hope and pray you like me, too.
Just as I am.
Right now.

©2013 all rights reserved


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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