Another fine mess

Or maybe, just a hot mess.

Here’s the story:

Yesterday, I was rudely awakened by the WORST pain I’ve ever felt (other than labor pains). I honest to God thought I was having a heart attack. I asked Jeff to call 911. Fortunately for me, the fire station is just outside my neighborhood, so they were there in what seemed like a few seconds.

The details are fuzzy because I was scared out of my mind, but I was brought to the hospital ER and checked over and asked a million questions about my health. I then had blood tests, was hooked up to an EKG machine (where my heart was fine and doing all the expected things), and talked to about 4 doctors.

I was told I had “sludge” in my gall bladder and that my blood count was really low, which led to even more questions.

Eventually, I was admitted and put on a liquid diet. Talked to a blood doctor, a gastroenterologist, and the admitting physician about what they wanted to test me for, and had a lot of blood drawn (I’m surprised I still have blood to test at this point!). I even had two ultrasound tests, one for my gall bladder and one for my spleen.

I’m hooked up to an IV, stuck in bed, and I’m having my blood narrow tested later today (because my red AND white blood cell count is low, and so are my platelets).

So here I sit, waiting.

I don’t do that well anymore.

So, 3 days after my 50th birthday, I’m falling apart. Lucky me!



I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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