I feel awful today

Is this what my life is to become? A series of good days & bad days?

Didn’t sleep well last night, have a headache today that Tylenol can’t touch, my legs are sore for no reason I can think of.

Then all the stuff that’s wrong with me (spleen, intestines, stomach, etc.) gets into the act and adds up to one miserable Stef. I know I can no longer ignore this, but until my insurance kicks in, I can’t pay for it.

Five weeks ago, I was fine. Then I went to the hospital and found out all this stuff wrong with me and now I feel like crap every day.

Ignorance is bliss?

The mind is a very powerful thing.

The losing weight thing I love! I’ve managed to lose 75 lbs. My hips are 15 inches smaller than they were 2 years ago. My clothes literally hang off me. But it was a symptom of a larger problem. A problem I hope to solve before my next birthday, if not sooner.

For me, 50 sucks.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


One thought on “I feel awful today

  1. I deal with a lot of health and physical conditions, so you have my sympathies! And though I’m half your age my conditions make me feel like I’m 70 or 80. Really sucks and makes it very hard to enjoy life and things of interest.

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