I don’t know which is worse…

Not eating anything after breakfast and feeling like crud, or eating something and having my abdomen swell up like a balloon for hours…and still feeling like crud.

Scott asked me, “Well, Mom, what makes you feel less like crud? You have to eat.”

Neither prospect feels good, I told him.

Have I mentioned that I can’t stand the sight of pizza? Try telling my boys that I need to eat better. What usually happens is that I’ll get all the healthy stuff, and being the only one who eats it. Jeff is getting pudgy, and could stand to slim down. He’s also the one who gets the most exercise because he walks everywhere.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost 77 lbs, most of that since I was hospitalized in February. But this bloating thing is driving me mad!

Time to call the doctor again, I think.

Oh. Joy.

One day soon, I fear, I’ll be making a return trip to the hospital. I’m still bruising like a rotten banana. That feeling like I’m having a heart attack feeling is NOT something I wish to repeat. Ever.

I still need to get that colonoscopy, though.

Gee, ain’t life grand?


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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