I’d rather spend a 100°F day watching someone hit a golf ball into a little hole

…than think about moving. Again.

We (me, my sister and brother in law) have decided to sell Mom’s house this fall, which means that Daniel, Jeff and I will have to move.

Daniel is okay with it (moving, that is). Jeff is not on board, yet. He’d rather get his own place and not have to live with me or his brother. Problem with that is that he hasn’t been saving his pennies to make that possible.

I don’t particularly want to live with them either, seeing that they’re both well into adulthood, but for now we really don’t have a choice. Unless I get a job locally that pays enough for me to live on my own again. Meanwhile…

The house is just too much upkeep, too expensive to maintain, too much of everything- bitchy neighbors, homeowner association crap, the freakin’ lawn…we finally had to say enough! So now we’re looking at apartments.

Packing up all our stuff, downsizing, purging things we don’t need (which is more for D and J to deal with more than me…all I have to get rid of is my now too big wardrobe)…the whole idea of it makes me ill. But it has to be done.

And if I could afford to buy the damn house, I’d do it. Then fix it up and rent it out. After all, it’s Mom’s house!

What was Chase bank thinking 14 years ago when they gave my 71 year old mother a 30 year mortgage? That she’d live to 100? She didn’t even make it to her 83rd birthday (she passed three weeks shy of it.). It still flabbergasts me that they were able to do that!

Selling the house though will be bittersweet. Daniel and Jeff have lived there half their lives (the last 12  years of Mom’s life and the two years since she died)! They’ve never lived in apartments as adults. It will be a huge transition for them.

And wherever we end up, they have to allow Daniel to keep Pazzo. That’s non negotiable. The cat stays in the picture. Period.

All this is sigh inducing, to say the least. But I’m ready for the change of residence. However temporary it is.

Oh how I hate moving, though!

I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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