Getting his tomcat swagger on


Pazzo is driving us nuts because, somewhere in our neighborhood, there is a female cat in heat.

The crying and meowing and the plaintive looks out the back door are annoying as all get out, because he wants some.

Every male cat I’ve ever had has been fixed by the time they were Pazzo’s age (about 2 yrs old), so I didn’t go thru this before.

“Ms. Thang”, as I’ve taken to calling her, is out there and Pazzo and every other unaltered male cat can smell her. She may not even be someone’s pet, but some stray hussy looking for a good time.

And we’re trying not to be the owners of the cat who knocks her up.

He’s been very aggressive lately, which is so unlike him. He runs around the house like the law is after him, and those little love nips of his actually hurt!

Pazzo is on lockdown until Ms. Thang goes out of season. We will have a very miserable & disagreeable cat on our hands for a while.

Oh. Joy.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

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