Get over yourself…

You put your pants/pantyhose on one leg at a time…

Just like everyone else.

You work hard to achieve your goals. Don’t let your goals define you, i.e. “I’m (insert name here) and I’m a/an (insert what your profession is here).” You are a human being first, then a dad, mom, brother, sister, friend, THEN whatever it is you do last.

I.E. “I’m Stephanie and I’m a sister, mother, friend, colleague. I just happen to work in the media in some capacity.”

I mean, I just killed a mosquito. That doesn’t make me a mosquito killer for all time, does it?

Some people just need to loosen up! Geez, have some fun would ya?

After all, it’s just life, right? 

I dated a man once that told me to “live in the moment”. I took heed of that advice. I’ve been doing it ever since. Some people don’t like that. I’m direct, somewhat blunt, and take no crap from anyone. I give people a chance, and it’s up to them to take advantage of it. I’ve probably lost potential friends because of it (hell, I know I have!), but it is what it is.

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

So drop the ego BS, and get over yourself.



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