The new place…

What can I say about it?

Um, it’s small.

It’s three bedrooms, two baths, about 1100 square feet of “oh my God, we have too much stuff!”

There is no freaking way all of my Mom’s bedroom furniture is going to fit in my room! So no vanity or both night stands. It looks like one night stand and the bureau will just fit.

I’ll have my dad’s cedar chest (which he built himself in high school some 80+ years ago) at the end of my bed. It will store spare blankets (at least that’s the plan).

Jeff has already “lost his shit” once today. He is one unhappy camper.

I think Pazzo will lose his mind once he gets here. There are so.many.dogs!

Not that dogs will bother him. He’s a rather protective cat.

I just don’t want him to try and go back to the house. Any suggestions? He already has a collar with an ID tag that has his name and Daniel’s cell number on it.

But right now, I’m EXHAUSTED! I’m going take a quick nap.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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