On to the next bit of stupidity…

Oklahoma’s proposed “hoodie law”.

According to our local NBC affiliate KFOR, and reported by the Huffington Post, the wearing of hooded sweatshirts (aka “hoodies”) in the commission a crime could cost you up to $500 in fines and/or a year in jail. It would be a misdemeanor. But, the language is too vague, and could lead to innocent people being fined and hauled off to jail.

First of all, how DARE the state of Oklahoma tell me what I can or cannot wear in public. What’s next? Ball caps? Knit caps commonly worn during the winter months? My hooded scarf with the pockets? A rain coat?

Second of all, I wouldn’t be committing a crime of ANY kind. This proposed law, if passed, would effectively be punishing the many for the crimes of a few ne’er do wells.

Thirdly, good luck in trying to enforce such a law, Oklahoma. Hoodies are rather popular, and have been for (at least) my entire lifetime.

Maybe our “esteemed” leaders at the Capitol should rethink this proposal seriously before voting on it.

I understand that there has been a version of this law on the books since the 1920’s, and I understand why it’s there. But come on now…the majority of the people who wear hoodies in public are NOT going to be committing any crimes.

Can you imagine getting arrested for a piece of clothing? And you’ve done nothing wrong?

I’m wearing my hoodies, law or no law, fine or no fine.



I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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