I just saw the dumbest, most ignorant thing I’ve read on social media this year (and considering this year is only four days in, we’re in trouble).

Apparently, Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West did a song together, which in and of itself is not bad.

It’s the response that this pairing got on social media that has me flummoxed.

Seems that quite a few young folks have never heard of Paul McCartney. They seem to think that because of his pairing with Kanye, he’s now got a career.



Excuse me?

Are you fucking serious?

Sir Paul has had a career for over 50 years! That’s slightly longer than even I’ve been alive! He certainly doesn’t need Kanye’s help!

My dear Millennials, Kanye has a career because of people like McCartney. You’ve never heard of the Beatles? Elvis? Motown?

You need to acquaint yourselves with the history of popular music. If NOT for people like Sir Paul, Berry Gordy, Elvis Presley, etc. Kanye West would be NO ONE!

Kanye is not king of popular music. I believe the late, great Michael Jackson had the honor of being the King of Pop. Kanye, in my opinion, isn’t fit enough to polish Michael’s shoes.

And remember, these are my opinions, and I am entitled to express them as I see fit. So if you think you’re going to spew hate in my direction, think again. I’ll delete that shit faster than you can name any song Kanye has done. Trust me on this.

Kanye will never be a living legend. In his own mind maybe, but not in reality.

There, I’ve had my say.


I’m Stef #andthisiswhereitsat


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