It’s a good day when…

I can actually get out of bed and not feel like I’m being weighted down by the crushing fatigue.

Actually any day I get out of bed is a good day. Getting out of the house is a bonus.

Though I am concerned that I could die one day and my sons wouldn’t even know.


It’s a good day because there is more music in the world.

There are stories on the news feeds that are actually good news for a change, and not about fighting governments, violence, or people getting killed for reasons they can’t help.

It’s a good day when the frontman of my favorite band (currently on hiatus) posts pictures of his 16 month old son and is just proud to be his father.

It’s a good day when something makes me smile. Someone told me recently that I don’t smile enough.

So… Here’s a smile–



I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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