I hate feeling like I have no get up and go

…because all I’m feeling is that my get up and go got up and left.

Not that I could go anywhere today, with it being a holiday AND we got sleet last night. So anywhere I wanted to go was closed due to the holiday or the weather.

All I want to do is sleep, and that’s not normal for me. Yes I’ve gone out for the day then when I returned home, took a nap, but nothing like this. Sometimes I feel like I can’t summon the energy to even get out of bed, but I do it…mostly because all my meds are in the kitchen at the other end of my apartment.

I need to make phone calls tomorrow, now that I know that the phone number for the government agency I was trying to call last week was wrong because my sister wrote it down wrong. Thanks, sis!

I demand the immediate return of my old life, because now I feel like I’m in some dark abyss that I can’t escape from.

Minus the 125lbs. I’ve lost in the last 2 years, of course.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~ 



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