So, on Friday, I found out

…that my doctor had to go home to Egypt due to a family emergency, so I would be seeing a colleague of his

…that my liver is still messed up, and that my condition will be evaluated on a regular basis

…my blood pressure is too low (98/50…yeah, that’s kinda low. Should be something like 120/80), so the doctor cut my blood pressure medication from 40mg to 20mg

…that I will need to be on all of my meds for the foreseeable future

…that I’ll need to watch my weight (that’s a given) even though I’ve lost close to 130lbs

…continue to watch my sodium intake, which is greatly reduced from what I was taking in prior to my October hospital stay

…and to come back in August for an ultrasound, blood work, and a check up.

So, all in all, not as bad as I feared. We’re not taking about putting me on the transplant list quite yet. But I’m still not 100% well. I’m still fatigued, which gets in the way of other stuff (like getting a job); and these dizzy spells, which I hope is just the meds and not me.

So we carry on. Don’t have much choice at this point.



I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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