I have all the grace and coordination of a drunk cow

These meds are driving me batty! If I’m not peeing up a storm or waiting for the Lactulose to take effect, I’m fighting through dizzy spells because of my sub normal blood pressure. I can’t count the number of times I’ve have careened down the hall at the apartment bumping into walls. I swear that if the police saw me walking up 15th this morning, I’d have gotten a ticket for Walking While Impared and a free ride to the city jail.

I’m a hot mess, medically speaking.

At least I wasn’t walking when I ran into my former Biology Lab instructor at WalMart the other day. We talked for a little bit, where he mentioned a girlfriend getting over strep throat (I crossed my fingers as if to say “don’t give it to me, dude”. The LAST thing I need with my current medical condition is strep throat!). He’s still working on that Masters degree, a priority for him to finish (He actually said he was “busy, busy, busy” with that– but not too busy for a girlfriend? Hmmm LOL). When we parted he said, “See ya around”.

Watch, I’ll never see him “around”. I hadn’t seen him in three years before the other day.  I should be happy he remembered me at all. He does teach, after all, and sees (and has seen) a lot of faces in the last 3 years. Maybe mine stuck out in his mind (yeah right).

Good thing he hasn’t seen me trying to negotiate sidewalks on 15th Street.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~




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