Out with the mold, in with the ew

During that recent weekend where there were tornadoes and an ungodly amount of rain, we were set up for a battle with mold.

Our laundry area became a science project.

Our upstairs neighbors started doing massive loads of laundry, and there were leaks somewhere in their pipes. That water ended up cascading down the wall of the little closet that houses our washer and dryer. I patted the area down as best I could with a towel at the time, then forgot about it.

Until the following weekend, after Daniel and Jeff did their laundry.

It was then I discovered the mold growing on the walls. Yuk!

When I paid the rent yesterday (6/1), I mentioned to one of the gals who works in the office that there was a mold problem. She told me that she’d sent maintenance out to take a look. I asked if it would be that day and I was told that most likely, yes it would be.

Then no one showed up. They came today around 4pm instead.

They sprayed something on the walls and ceiling, which Jeff thought was bleach. It didn’t smell like bleach, so I figured it was an anti fungal of some kind.

And it stinks worse than the mold did.

Then one guy washed the walls while his partner went upstairs and discovered that there were FOUR leaks in the pipes! Lovely… NOT!

I’m very surprised we didn’t have a flood down here.

So now, some four hours after they left, there is this industrial fan blowing on the walls to dry them out (the ceiling is still too wet to treat yet). Maintenance told me and Jeff they’d be back “after lunch” tomorrow (today) to finish up and retrieve their fan…which has to blow all night. The cats are freaking out and have been holed up in my bedroom ever since. Pazzo hid under the bed, and Salem took refuge in my sock drawer.

Just as long as the mold goes away and stays gone, I could be inconvenienced for another day. Good thing Jeff has the day off…

UPDATE (060315): they didn’t show up. Jeff and I waited all day for them. Jeff works tomorrow so I’ll be here waiting to see if they show up.

UPDATE (060415): finally contacted the office about when the maintenance guys were coming back to finish the job and get their fan (which is giving me a headache), and was told because of the warm weather, they had to concentrate on air conditioning units breaking down. So a/c units trump mold, apparently. Was told they’d be back tomorrow morning. It would have been nice if they came by and told me this…maybe something like, “hey, we haven’t forgotten you, but we have these air conditioners going out left, right and center. We’ll come back (insert frame time here), okay?” instead of making me come to the office and inquire.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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