Late night musings

I have a theory about men…

Theory #1- men that I seem to be attracted to:

Chances are, if I’m attracted to you, you’re either

A) unavailable (physically, emotionally, mentally), or
B) you’re a first class jerk, or
C) want to control and/or restrict me in some way, or
D) want to get me in bed on the first date (been there, done that), or
E) have nothing in common with me, or
F) too old or too young for me, or
G) a combination of everything after A above

Being sick has given me way too much time to theorize. I know I’m worthy of a good man. So where are they all hiding? Please don’t say, “in church”. I know more so called God fearing men than you could shake a stick at. They’re usually the posers. The real guy comes out later and falls under category C above.

And don’t say in a bar…I don’t drink, and a guy who gets plastered on a regular basis is not the man for me. Chances are he has more problems than I am mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with.

And for the sake of the deity of your choice, don’t even suggest looking online. I deal in the real world, and want to meet someone live and local.

Watch, now that I’ve lost all this weight, they’ll come out of the woodwork.

I’m not going to compete with 20- and 30-something chicks for a guy. I’m 51, I’m looking for a man, not a boy toy. I have no desire to date someone young enough for me to have given birth to.

And I’m not looking for him. When the time is right, he’ll show up. I hope I recognize him when he does.

That’s all for tonight…I just rubbed my eyes and I’m finding it hard to keep them open.

PS: if you just happen to not fall under these categories, congrats! You’re probably my type. Not that I’m looking that hard….


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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