If you want something from the Government

…you have to go in person, and NOT take the bus because the wait for the next one is long & boring.

All I wanted was to get paperwork to apply for SSI, so since the bus heading towards OKC stops at the Social Security office, I thought I’d just go in, get the form(s), and get back on the bus.


Turns out that there are no forms, that applying for SSI was done by interview either in person or by phone, and that I have to wait for the next agent to talk to me. Thankfully, that was a short wait.

I have a phone interview on July 10th.

I tried doing this by phone in February and there were no phone appointments available. Naively, I thought, they’d call me when one became available.

They didn’t.

Now, I’m stuck here until the bus comes back this way in about an hour.

Oh freakin’ joy!

There’s no wifi here, so I have no idea when this will get posted. If I can avoid coming back here, all the better. It’s a nice big office, much better than the one at Sheppard Mall where I danced the change-your-name-on-your-Social-Security-Card shuffle in 2006.

But I still don’t want to come back here if I don’t need to.

Your Government at work, America. Weeeee!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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